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by TKauer - 3 weeks ago

Laoag City Campaigns for San Guillermo 2023

July 19, 2021 - Manila, Philippines. - While elsewhere around the world, business private sectors who grew at their fastest pace before the pandemic are still on a wait-and-see mode, Dantru is encouraging the will of the people to make it through.Even with the obstacles of Covid still in place, t...

by TKauer - 2 months ago

Dantru Post Pandemic Projects Impresses Savvy Businessmen

May 15, 2021 - Manila. -- Dantru’s San Guillermo Complex is a major construction of a building center Laoag City, north of Manila. It's a shopping mall complete with a passage that connects to its landmark museum; underground parking that leads to an array of restaurants and cafes all leading to the...

by TKauer - 2 months ago

Laoag City Holds Historic Ground-Breaking

March 2, 2021 - Laoag City, Philippines - A Historic Ground-Breaking project made a milestone in the northern Philippines as a member company of the Global European Chamber of Commerce (GECC) took a leap of an economic breakthrough in Laoag City, Philippines.GECC's Dantru Development Corporation, in...

Gaiam Wholesale Program

by TKauer - 3 months ago

Koreans Eye on Philippines Shopping Mall Success Formula

Simon Kim Hakmo, DMC CEO (second from left), and Noubikko, RPConnect CEO (second from right) signing contract agreement for Laoag City, project. Witnessed by Fr. Arturo B. Lumangod(farthest left) and Marita Teodoro Kim.-------- April 2, 2021 - Manila - For many investment advisors, the fin...