Community in All-Out Support for Economic Recovery In Laoag City's San Guillermo


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June 25, 2021 - Manila, Philippines. - San Guillermo or San Guillermo Shopping Complex is a development project dubbed as among the iconic development project In Laoag City, with a marketing strategy adopted by Dantru Development Corp from RPConnect.

The challenge may be tough because the economy is still trying its best to bounce back from months of lockdown slump and the onslaught of pandemic key-economic indicators are still surging as restrictions ahead may still be possible with another virus variant.

While other nations are thinking of another lockdown, prevention of virus spread is being implemented in all avenues. Installation of Sanitation Gates is becoming a trend in major cities around the world. In the Philippines, it was already initiated by St. Williams Catholic Cathedral in Laoag City.

The output and growth seen before the pandemic, may not level up business optimism for a while and they don’t see the growth that is consistent with GDP. However, development including those of the Catholic Church properties are turning over for projects in efforts to help rebuild dampening economic downturns.

Elsewhere around the world are still seeing the lowest reopening of the economy which drove business woes to the lowest record unexpected. And, business private sector, who grew its fastest pace before the pandemic are still on a wait-and-see mode.

According to Noubikko, CEO of RPConnect and Business Economist of Dantru Corp said, the performance of the private sector is hugely encouraging even with the obstacles of Covid still in place. People are becoming more resilient at the rate of knots. I don’t see the strong momentum to be unsustained through the rest of the year. I only see the will of the people to make it through".

Noubikko further said that even the economic downturn is the result of the inflationary spike. it is temporary as many of the price hikes have reflected surcharges on logistics and other shortage-related issues emanating from COVID.

The financial mood is bouncing back to its pre-lockdown figure, and has not made up all the ground to scare the market. Stanislaw Mares, strategy director of the Global European Chamber of Commerce (GECC), also agree.

A strong influx of new work from domestic and export customers signaled the end of a COVID-suppressed marketplace. The reopening and lockdown easing also buoyed European economies.

Data showed a strong rebound in private sector activity in the EU's two largest economies, Germany and France. Growth in France hit its fastest since July 2020, while in Germany was the second-strongest performance since February 2018, GECC reported.

I believe the San Guillermo Project has a place in history on the top list when an economic upturn comes. As economic constraints ease, there remains a great deal of certainty as to how long it will take for global business and trade to return to normal functioning.