Dantru Post Pandemic Projects Impresses Savvy Businessmen


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May 15, 2021 - Manila. -- Dantru’s San Guillermo Complex is a major construction of a building center Laoag City, north of Manila. It's a shopping mall complete with a passage that connects to its landmark museum; underground parking that leads to an array of restaurants and cafes all leading to the Cathedral and the historic sinking tower; all with an ambiance that brings back the history of Alfresco dining European-style atmosphere.

After what speculators know as “could be” the last page of lockdowns worldwide, Philippines’ Dantru Development Corporation presents its innovative entrepreneurial pandemic-molded platform to survive the post-pandemic era.

San Guillermo Complex is designed by Hofilena with a unique grand Ilocandia theme which is laid with granite cobblestone imported from the Czech Republic, the same granite that glazed Bohemian Palaces and museums. Fenris in the Czech Republic is famous for its supply of granite cobblestone.

According to Noubikko, CEO of RPConnect, it will be completed with Bohemian Crystal chandeliers, stained glass made by Filipinos trained by experts from Bulgaria, and 12 Bells made in Belgium.

Today's frame is the financial expertise of multiple sources are initiated by various business strategists as investment insights is underpinned by influential businessmen who share experiences of turbulent times to make the transition after lockdown.

Investment programs for 2021 and beyond had indicated a propelled increase. By 2023, companies, and the entire planet will renew hope for the future and the starting point of the global race in business is now, Rey Nolasco said, CEO of RTN Holdings, and trustee for Global European Chamber of Commerce for Asia.

“Location, location, location” is a phrase that tops all business topics. Dantru’s San Guillermo Complex is a perfect example. The Project is located in the very center of Laoag city, it is in the heart of everything that even the city’s iconic landmark, the famous 15th- century St Williams Cathedral in just next to it.

Sustainable Business is a vital player in our goals, said Ren Sibonga, CEO of Dantru. Economic growth, trade, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the creation of decent jobs are tasks that are largely based on concerns and efforts are, generally, what made investors jump on the bandwagon, Sibonga quipped.

12 Bells fronting the Immaculate Virgin Mary Plaza that rings every hour from 8 in the morning till 8 in the evening. The Bells are commissioned to be built in Belgium.