Koreans Eye on Philippines Shopping Mall Success Formula


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Simon Kim Hakmo, DMC CEO (second from left), and Noubikko, RPConnect CEO (second from right) signing contract agreement for Laoag City, project. Witnessed by Fr. Arturo B. Lumangod(farthest left) and Marita Teodoro Kim.


April 2, 2021 - Manila - For many investment advisors, the financial crisis and COVID-19 pandemic highlighted just how vulnerable the economy could become in a split of time. But, with the lockdown and more time to think about what’s best for clients, entrepreneurs soar when the odds were stacked against them.

Filipinos and Korean nationals living in the Philippines share insights from real experience on how to help project developers navigate turbulent times with the unique advantages they’ve enjoyed through their success. And now is the best time to make the transition to participate more.

Simon Kim Hakmo, a Korean national and US-trained and educated influential businessman living in the Philippines has been meeting with Dantru Development Corporation, and Noubikko, RPConnect Ceo regarding investment participation using Korean-made technology. The report said the two already signed a contract agreeing to work together on a major project in the Northern part of the Philippines, specifically the San Guillermo Complex.

The complex is a shopping mall with all the amenities designed to be green in the center of Laoag city. It is actually located in the heart of everything, next to the famous 15th-century St Williams Cathedral.

Simon takes on the role of head of enterprise DMC Corporation. He has spent over thirty years in the industry and has worked across the platform from previously held senior positions in Korea and the United States. His whitepaper is how investment advisors thrive, with discussions centered around the strengths of independent and firsthand accounts on the challenges of foreign participants.

According to Rey Nolansco, CEO of RTN Holdings where DMC Corporation is a member, facing the future head-on how they are positioned to beat future challenges without ignoring the flexibility of what we learned during this pandemic, is within the offered opportunity when it is needed most.

Noubikko’s “Join the Program” approach is very convincing and somehow many entrepreneurs are jumping into the wagon, Nolasco quipped.

"Understanding the face of the core challenges of the business platform is everything, and a solid talent integrated into your team should include strong background who knows how to solve problems to realize the benefits of using the latest financial planning available", Noubikko said.

Noubikko is San Francisco’s Most-outstanding Entrepreneur awardee in the '90s and his experience in the industry in the early days of the Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, California could be just a resurrection or a retro strategy of what was successfully done before.

Simon and Noubikko understand each other's goals and agreed on the same level.