Laoag City Campaigns for San Guillermo 2023


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July 19, 2021 - Manila, Philippines. - While elsewhere around the world, business private sectors who grew at their fastest pace before the pandemic are still on a wait-and-see mode, Dantru is encouraging the will of the people to make it through.

Even with the obstacles of Covid still in place, the San Guillermo Complex program is more about resilience to be sustained through the rest of the year, Noubikko said, CEO of RPConnect.

Noubikko has more than 29 years of business experience in different aspects of business operations in the US and Europe. His years in the industry had been tested by time. Noubikko is San Francisco, California's most outstanding entrepreneur in the 90’ and the Jesuit-educated marketing expert is squarely supports the project specially it involves the community and the church.

Details of the program were not disclosed during the press time, but according to Rey Nolasco, Asian Trustee of the Global European Chamber of Commerce (GECC) it will handle a couple of strategies that will focus on where Noubikko has excelled in business records.

The marketing program is made up of a standalone plan, and investment advisers have been pushing for international participation because the San Guillermo marketing project is on par with the current valuation report in scope.

Noubikko this week would join with investors to create a more detailed timetable so they will refrain from speculation, and must be ready to move quickly toward any potential extension of this pandemic lockdown as the financial mood of the nation is bouncing back to its pre-lockdown figure.

AllBank, Inc., formerly Optimum Development Bank, Inc. is currently working with Dantru on digitizing the currency which will be offered to the San Guillermo future community.

AllBank is in the business of providing specialized financing products and services. Its fundamental goal is to play a vital role in the development of not only the communities that its branches, but also the businesses that surround it.

Entrepreneurs signaled the end of a COVID-suppressed economic recovery. As economic constraints ease, there remains a great deal of certainty to return to normal And San Guillermo Project will soon have a place in history.